Last Day!

Last day! But I’m actually not even really excited. I’m not planning to go on a huge binge or anything. I’m going to try to eat fairly similarly to what I’ve been eating, although I will stop eating those cardboard cookies with my tea.

I felt pretty terrible today. I also had trouble falling asleep last night. It took me quite a while and I was really cold but I didn’t want to put a lot of clothes on because I didn’t want to wake up hot. I’m not sure if it was because of the drink I had last night. I don’t really drink hard liquor at all, let alone when I’m on a detox. That was probably a pretty bad idea, I should have stuck to wine. I had school today and I forgot to bring a snack so I was starving by lunch time. When we got the restaurant I felt a bit shaky. I thought I would feel better after I ate but I didn’t. We went to House on Parliament and I couldn’t follow the plan exactly but I didn’t have any bread. After lunch I felt really crappy in class, I started feeling really overwhelmed about becoming a therapist and feeling like I know nothing and what the hell am I doing, I can’t help people, I don’t have the skills. I also started worrying about baby because she’s sleeping strangely and I emailed our sleep consultant and she told us to track 2 days of her sleep/activity. I guess this triggered me and made me feel like I was doing something wrong with Solange. Although really I don’t think we are because she is super happy and generally seems fine. I guess the plus side was I had no desire to drink at dinner. But I felt a bit sad about it. There was a wine magazine lying around and when I saw it I didn’t feel that same sense of excitement I usually feel when thinking about wine.

I made the raw brownies. As I suspected it didn’t really work in the vitamix. Luckily we do have a mini food processor so I ended up mixing them in that, in batches. They taste pretty good, but not as good as the blogger made them sound. (I technically shouldn’t have been eating them since they have dates in them, but clearly I’m not that strict at this point) These bloggers man, they are so good at making their food sound amazing and I always believe them. Oh well, they are a definite improvement over cardboard.

  • 7:30 am cinnamon coconut cookie with tea
  • 9:00 am latte
  • 10:30 am cocoa almond smoothie
  • 1:30 pm potato poutine, sweet potato fries and salad
  • 7:30 pm sea bass, rice, sweet potato and salad

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