Day 19 – Friday April 22nd

Only 3 more days without wine! It sounds like a short time but feels really long. And speaking of drinking wine I have a bit of dilemma. I really want a drink as soon as the detox is over. But, ideally, after the detox I’d like to drink less than I was before. So if I have a drink the first day the detox is over, which is a Monday, that’s not really getting me off to a very good start. Amr said I could have a drink of wine on Monday and then he’d finish the bottle off so I wouldn’t have to have any the rest of the week. What a sweetheart. If I ever do a detox again I’ll plan it so my last day is a Thursday 🙂

  • 7:00 am cinnamon coconut cookie with tea
  • 9:00 am worth the wait crustless quiche
  • 11:00 am crackers with dip
  • 2:00 pm chili with rice and cheese and avocado
  • 6:00 pm a few more crackers with dip (we got this really good fennel parmesan dip from leslieville cheese)
  • 8:00 pm pork tenderloin, rice and salad

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