Day 17 – Wednesday April 20

I continue to feel pretty much the same. I’m not sleeping any better and I don’t feel any different. I still crave sweets and especially wine, though some days more than others. Today I felt ok without it. I have lost a few pounds (yes, I weighed myself even though I said I wouldn’t) but of course I have lost weight, I haven’t been drinking! Today I taught baby yoga and the woman who owns the studio said I looked different, she said she noticed that my waist seemed smaller. So that’s cool I guess.  It looks the same to me though.

So, a few nights ago I had this dream:

I was going into work to see people. Everything was a mess because they are redoing the office and a lot of people were at temporary desks that were blue, sort of like big recycling bins. We were trying to plan a dinner and it was going to be at some bbq place. When I went to leave I went to get my stuff from the desk I had left it at and it was gone. It had been moved because of the construction. So I went to the help desk which was like a grocery check out to ask and the woman didn’t know. I was getting really angry, I was like, my whole life was in that back pack, I need it! Even though, in reality I couldn’t think of what was even in the back pack. I had my purse with me which had my wallet and phone and everything important. Still, I was annoyed. Then some old guy who was like the boss came along and I asked him and he said it’s too bad. And he told the checkout girl to just move me along. So then I started telling him my whole life was in that bag. But he didn’t care and I knew there was nothing I could do. So I left through the sliding glass doors (like grocery store doors) and in the parking lot I started screaming in frustration.

I talked to my therapist about the grocery store dream and after telling her about it she asked if there was anything in my life that I thought I could get rid of. In the dream I obviously didn’t need the back pack, I just thought I did. Really everything I needed was in my purse and the ‘boss’ (i.e. me) wasn’t concerned with me having the backpack. The first thing that came to mind was the sugar detox. So we decided that what I could get rid of was not necessarily all sugar, but more my attitudes toward sugar and thinking I need it to be happy. The fact that it was at work indicates that it’s something I’m working on right now and the grocery store makes it related to food. Pretty cool. I love dream therapy 🙂

  • 7:00 am cinnamon coconut cookie with tea
  • 7:30 am worth the wait crustless quiche
  • 11:00 am sausage, quinoa and peas with cream sauce, a little bit of sweet potato
  • 3:00 pm chocolate almond milk smoothie
  • 7:30 pm arctic char, quinoa salad, sweet potato and green salad

The quiche was really good. I actually made it on the weekend but just had it for the first time today. It’s basically just caramelized onions, bacon and eggs.


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