Day 16 – Tuesday April 19

  • 7:00 am cinnamon coconut cookie with tea
  • 8:00 am southwest skillet with 2 eggs
  • 11:30 am almonds and an apple
  • 2:30 pm chicken wrapped in prosciutto, quinoa and peas
  • 8:00 pm chicken salad with greens
  • 9:30 pm half a sausage and some almonds

Solange has been fairly cranky in the mornings for most of this detox and also she’s not sleeping as well. She used to fall asleep right at 7pm when we put her down but the last few nights its taken her an hour to fall asleep. I noticed that my breasts have gotten smaller. My massive breastfeeding bras are a little lose now. I think maybe I’m not eating enough carbs and my milk supply has gone down. I guess I should be eating more sweet potato and rice and stuff. I hope I haven’t messed up baby with this detox 😦


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