Day 12 continued

  • 7:30 am cinnamon crumb cake with tea
  • 9:30 am two buffalo chicken egg muffins with avocado and tomatoes
  • 11:00 am a few sips of disgusting smoothie
  • 2:30 pm chicken salad and greens
  • 3:00 pm a piece of chocolate bar
  • 8:00 pm chicken, asparagus, sweet potato, quinoa and brussels sprouts and a glass of red wine

So I cheated a bit today. At lunch I think I ate too much chicken salad. I felt kind of gross after and really tired. But I was so hungry and there was nothing else to eat so I just kept eating it. So then I decided to have a piece of chocolate. It didn’t really help. Also, surprisingly, it didn’t taste that sweet or really that good either. For dinner I made the conscious decision to have a glass of wine. It should have been good, it was $25 and got a score of 92 but it wasn’t. I guess that’s what I get for cheating. This is the wine if you’re interested.


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