Day 12 (so far) – I hate this detox

I hate this stupid detox so much. I hate it. I don’t feel any better, I just feel angry and irritated and in dire need of wine and pasta. These so called ‘not sweet treats’ are disgusting and taste like cardboard. And I just made an apple spinach smoothie and it was revolting. I couldn’t drink it. I even tried adding a bit of agave to it but that didn’t help. What a waste of a bunch of really good ingredients. The chicken salad I had yesterday was good but it was full of mayonnaise so of course it’s good.

Solange has been super cranky this week and today is probably the worst. She basically cried all morning until it was time for her first nap. She seemed better after she woke up, but I wasn’t. I’m so tired and I just want something comforting to eat 😦



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