Day 10 – Wednesday April 13th

Yoga this morning with baby was really hard. Solange was cranky and fussing a lot so I basically had to hold her the entire time. It was exhausting. I might have to cheat. I want a glass of wine so badly. I told Amr I wanted to quit this stupid detox and he suggested maybe I just cheat a little and then continue on, which is a good idea. So I might have a drink this weekend.

I discovered some frozen egg muffins in the freezer, score!

  • 7:00 am cinnamon crumb cake with tea, some carrot hash with one egg
  • 10:30 am pumpkin spice coconut milk smoothie
  • 1:00 pm latte
  • 3:30 pm chili with cheese and some broccoli
  • 8:00 pm salmon, quinoa, salad and some asparagus with cheese wrapped in prosciutto

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