Day 8 – Monday April 11th

  • 7:30 am cinnamon crumb cake with tea
  • 9:00 am parsnip and carrot hash (from the cookbook) with 2 eggs
  • 1:00 pm chili with cheese and a side of vegetables and a little bit of sweet potato
  • 4:00 pm tea and snack? I feel like I must have had something but I can’t remember.
  • 7:30 pm left over chicken, brown rice, Brussels sprouts and a big salad with tomatoes, beets, etc

Ok, my mind has just been blown. I just learned that it’s Brussels sprouts, with an s, not brussel sprouts. Am I the only one who didn’t know this? I guess it’s not something I’ve typed before and I got a spell check error with brussel so I checked my recipe and it said Brussels spouts. I also checked online to be extra sure. Crazy!


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