Day 6

Chocolate croissant. This was my first thought this morning. Slightly crispy on the outside, flaky and chocolaty on the inside. It was go so nicely with my morning tea. Instead I’m having this stupid cinnamon crumb cake.

Later for breakfast i’ll make the carrot hash with bacon and eggs. A fairly satisfying breakfast.

We’re driving up to Barrie now to see my in laws. On longish car trips I always like to stop at Tim Hortons and have a few timbits. Not today. I’m a bit nervous about how the next 24 hours will go. My in laws are generally pretty healthy so there should be lots of options but I’m still a little anxious about not being in complete control of what I’m eating. I did bring a chicken egg muffin and a couple of pumpkin spice muffins so hopefully that will help.

I’m feeling pretty grumpy today and kind of wondering why I’m doing this. I’m not really feeling anything that great physically. I haven’t had any of the flu like symptoms that some people apparently get but I also haven’t been sleeping any better or having any positive side affects either. Maybe those come later.

I’m also wondering if and how I will change my earing habits after this.  I don’t want to completely give up sugar and definitely not wine but I’m not sure how I can reduce my sugar intake without completely banning it. I feel like for me if I allow it sometimes that will quickly become all the time. I might have to come up with some sort of rule for myself like only special occasions. Or only Saturday’s or something.

  • 8:00 am cinnamon crumb cake with tea
  • 9:30 am parsnip and carrot hash (from the cookbook) with 2 eggs
  • 12:00 pm chocolate almond smoothie and a few almonds (with cocoa powder, no sugar)
  • 2:30 pm brown rice, yellow curry and veggies
  • 6:00 pm trout and sea bream, mussels and salad
  • 7:30 pm pumpkin spice muffin with tea

Luckily I had eaten a late lunch so I wasn’t that hungry at dinner. Kathy (my mother in law) served pasta for dinner! Pasta! In the five years I’ve been with Amr I have never been served pasta by her or Rania (my sister in law). And the salad they were going to serve was a store bought salad so it had some dressing that came with it that probably had sugar in it. This is also extremely rare for them, usually they just make their own dressing with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. They knew I was on the sugar detox so I asked if we could just make our own dressing for the salad so that was fine. The salad did have some dried raisins in it which I’m not supposed to have but oh well. Hopefully I wasn’t too much of a pain.


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